The Himalayas can be said to be the most colorful place on earth. The birthplace of rainbows.

From the lofty peaks such as Everest, Annapurna and others, showing their white grandeur against a deep blue sky, this is a start of creating a rainbow. As we descend into the valleys were see the changes in color at each level, various hues. When we finally get to the bottom and into the valleys of Nepal proper every imaginable color awaits us. Here we find that Nepal is not just mountains, but all the brilliant wonders of nature. Green jungles, blue rivers and the colorful flora and fauna. These are nature’s display of colors, but it doesn’t stop there.

Man has also added to this rainbow with its extraordinary temples and shrines.

The great religions of the area and their many-colored prayer flags and colorful religious costumes combine to welcome their LGBTQ visitors, that will add even more color to the rainbow. Nepal will welcome their LGBTQ visitors with open arms. Gay rights have been enshrined into Nepal’s Constitution. Something very rare in Asian countries.

Out Himalayas will present this to you in the most professional way. Making sure everyone of your needs, desires and expectations will be met. With 20 years of creating the best Himalayan vacations, Out Himalayas can bring you this bucket list destination and help you cross it off.

Out Himalayas offers many special vacations to amazing Nepal. We offer small groups for our LGBTQ travelers for a more intimate view of the wonders of the Himalayan region.